"Contribute to civilization with respect for human, nature and cultural heritage..."

Toz'lu Studio 

We took as a basis the footprints of the society when drawing them. In this sense, we neither followed them our eyes shut nor drew a completely separate path for ourselves. Because we know well that world is not shaped with individual thoughts of a single person, no matter how much we force. No matter which branch of science we deal with, no matter at which layer of society we reside, power of some thought would not represent change individually. From an opposite point of view, pluralist democracy is also inadequate, and even mistaken in finding the truth most of the time.
Consequently, it would not wrong to think that time would stop and even life would end where there is no change when convincing. However, obligations forced by change is not loutish demolition of the nature and life as if to enjoy it, but the common sense of the whole society of the current place and time in a created discussion atmosphere, which is necessary for life and transformation. And we heed the contributions of each and every individual claiming devotion of our production to all humanity, and drawing from the essence of those opinions, provide open-source solutions against the problems we may encounter.