Çaycuma Science Center  | Client: Çaycuma Municipality| Site: Çaycuma | Year: 2016 | Status: Competition Proposal

Project Team: Ali Sinan, Batuhan Çelebi, Farzad Golghasemi, Gökçe Nur Çelebioğlu, Hamide Rıhtım, Hanie Fatouraee, Hasan Okan Çetin, Hüseyin Kezer, İbrahim Ekinci, Tuğba Kayakök

An astronaut who comes from a space journey brings mystery of universe with him/herself. Questions that have no answer turn one’s head. A kid, on the other hand, write the sacred book of boredom. Thus, unanswered questions are a source of fun for a kid and “boredom” is his playground. The kid wanted to become secret “question” itself instead of seeking answers. This way is much more entertaining for them…

F7 (5228 x 2073)

As the days go on, our dreams that we hold in our hands slipped through our fingers . Which of us didn’t want to be astronaut? Education that wanted to be given in stabilized spaces never be equal to learning. It has been taught at home, at school, at city’s defined pavement and we started to apply this taught without questioning as an army. While we are doing this we become alike. As we be alike, we could not accept unlike. We become a society/community which is not questioning, not making criticism or can not accept criticism, not curious or skip wondering something because of having excessive things to consume.

However science occurs not only because of needs but also because of curiosity of man and effort to understand universe.
Science which is based on logic and observation is an effort to have an accurate information about  natural and social world.
Science is to be able to think that sun will rise from west at this time every day and suprising while opposite of it happened every morning.
Science is a result of living like a child without losing your dreams.

Today, in many cities, making a science center (has been) planning and aiming to spread the science. As an architect when we consider the purpose of uniting science with society, we come across the things that are our pieces and are experienced at first, spaces. Accordingly, we aimed every spaces that we interpret in Çaycuma Science Center appeals people in Çaycuma from the world where they live to the world of its own and spreading the mystery in itself to the environment while making them curious. On the other hand, we want the area that we design, become a place that colors locals’ routine life  as a quest as well as a friend coming from far away, like a neighborhood with narrow streets where old people have a chat, children playing ball. Thus, Çaycuma Science Center is not a strange place; on the contrary,  can exists as a street ‘people of that place’ are used to.

f4 (3446 x 1434)


In order to interpret the memory that has been occured until today, we need to understand how Çaycuma become a settlement at the first place. Being a reason for Çaycuma’s memory ,beside the natural texture of Çaycuma, the most important character is SEKA. The paper mill which has been established around 1970s is a part of economical, social and cultural changing, as well. Because of the competition area where we stepped today is a part of SEKA campus, it’s not possible to think it as seperatable from the campus. Beside we accept the existing structures under protection as a chance, it is inevitable that we found the whole campus working together and the parcelization is harming that integrity.



Given information that is result of inner fragmentation at upper scale direct to the site settling The relation of existing buildings and organizational schema of building masses at campus site affects the way of our design interpretation. The site is approached as a unifying point of campus as well as a unit/group that is included to the whole schema.

Trees in the project site were the primary criteria while the structuring decisions were made. In addition to that, two sub-zones were determined in existing green area, and function divisions have been made via taking environment settlement into consideration.

B_HEPSİ (5938 x 822)


The educational blocks are located at south-east of the campus, the rest home is located at north  and the dormitories are located at west of it. Program is approached as two main pieces at the settlement.  It has its entrance from the south side of the site and devides it to two main piece as east and west. At the east side, mostly, defined administrative and instructional units are located. At the west side on the other hand, exhibiton mass which offers free circulation and usage seperated with temporary elements at west side. The street starts from entrance and lies through the middle of campus is not only for purely the users of the building but also for every people at the campus.

The exhibition and administrative-education masses are related with services in base level. In this level, also there are the pendulum, the multipurpose hall and ateliers. It is considered in detail to create a plan schema that gives chance high interaction and a place where production and discussion can exist within each other.

Service of building is provided from east side of it. Service enterance is also used for storage access and storages are directly related with the exhibitions the are above of it.

g2 (2236 x 1737)


A kid, approaching the building, reaches the street by a circular sandpit that he makes his mark on it.  It is not necessary to enter exhibition mass. While spending time and playing with friends in the street, he stores the exhibition inside, in secret places of his mind. At the end of the street, he meets an open area where he can live his imagination. At this point, he daydream in the middle of trees and continues to walk around freely with space ships…

In the campus, there are old people who left one part of their lifes. When they walk from where they are to the south, they run across playing children in open area. While walking in the street; their loneliness, judgements, inner thoughts are broken into pieces one by one and they start to create their dreams again with the sandpit at the beginning.

We close our eyes and dream a world. First we take off our shoes and start to walk barefoot in street… With the wind blowing from behind us, we leave ourselves to breeze. We fictionalize ‘beginning’ and ‘end’ together… With the flitting cloaks, we save all world…


f2 (3449 x 1449)






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