Kemal Kurdaş Cenotaph Architectural Project Competition 2013 1st Prize

Project: Kemal Kurdaş Cenotaph Architectural Project Competition | Client: Kurdaş Family Site: Kilyos / İstanbul | Year: 2013 | Status: 1st Prize
Project Team: Ali Sinan, Mehmet Çıkrık, Murat Memlük, Okan Mutlu Akpınar, Seda Özçelik, Sevgi Çalı

“Dear Hawthorne Tree;

 You will not be alone anymore,

An old friend will come to visit you, from time to time..

” M.Kemal Kurdaş

Starting with a single Hawthorne tree in the middle of the Anatolian steppes and marches, the movement that would remove its loneliness would also light the torch that shed knowledge and wisdom throughout the country.

The fight of the Hawthorne tree against the natüre is identified with the struggle of a nation and a university shaped by the sharing between a human and a tree to capture the education and the civilization of their time.

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